To answer your question: we pretty much have them all.

Our provider partners are central to the solutions we design, and the variety of our relationships allows us to focus on what best fits the requirements at hand. It also contributes to our engineers' ability to select the right tool for the job, especially vital for complex projects that may not fit into the basic product set of any given provider.

This means that we and our partners can focus on the solution rather than the product, resulting in better outcomes and better performance with significant cost savings.

ACC Business

ACC Business provides voice, internet, and data to small to mid-sized businesses. ACC's services are all provided via the AT&T network, but they service those accounts themselves, which makes for a better customer experience.


Access Point provides a variety of CLEC services, and has a particular strength in POTS line aggregation, allowing companies with small locations across the country to put all services on one bill. They've recently incorporated hosted VOIP and also provide integrated T1s, data, internet, and conferencing.


AireSpring is best known as a low-cost SIP carrier, providing competitive long distance and local services delivered over IP facilities they own. They also provide cost-competitive internet and MPLS services, and feature a commission structure that allows
partners to choose rates and commissions for each deal.

Bright House Networks

Bright House Networks is a cable provider with territories in Tampa, Orlando, Bakersfield (CA), Indianapolis, Detroit, Birmingham, and a handful of smaller areas in Alabama and the Florida Panhandle. They provide coax and fiber based voice and data services to business customers.


AT&T is such a giant they probably need no description here.  They do everything, and are one of the 800lb gorillas in our industry. 


Broadsmart is a hosted VOIP provider based on, you guessed it, a Broadsoft platform. They also offer internet and data services, both stand-alone and as a means to access their hosted VOIP services.  That said, they will support hosted VOIP over internet.

Broadview Networks

Broadview is a communications provider offering hosted VOIP, internet and cloud services. Their offering includes hosted applications such as Exchange and SharePoint, as well as virtual and hybrid sever hosting. 


ANPI is a facilities-based reseller offering hosted unified communications, SIP trunking, business VOIP, wholesale dedicated and switched long distance and toll-free, local access services and broadband solutions. 

NBS formerly Broadvox

NBS, formerly Broadvox, is a provider of SIP trunking and hosted communications solutions and the underlying technologies such as varying broadband options.  NBS is one of the few hosted providers that allows for BYOB (bring your own bandwidth).


CenturyLink is the combination of CenturyTel, Embarq, Qwest and Savvis. Their local assets include several rural territories along with the USWest 14-state territory, and their long-haul data network is based on Qwest's robust IP network.  Savvis brings very high-end hosting and cloud services to the mix. 


Colo5 is an SSAE16-certified hosting company with centers in Jacksonville and Lakeland. They take a unique approach to hosting by offering very flexible build-out options for tenants.  They have over 120,000 square feet of dedicated facilities and have an infrastructure that is rated to withstand a category 5 hurricane.  They also have extensive IaaS offering.


Comcast business offers Internet, Ethernet, Voice and TV for businesses, including 24x7 business class support and a diverse, private network. 

Copper Services

Copper focuses on services that allow companies to manage virtual events, host online meetings, and host content.  Traditionally a conference calling company, Copper has expanded their offering to include webinar platforms and hosted content management systems.  


DataSite is a collocation company with centers in Orlando and Marietta. Besides a spectacular facility (they have jet turbines for backup power generation), one of their primary benefits is that they charge for power on a usage basis, which can be a substantial savings for the majority of data center users. On top of that, they support liquid cooling, which lets them push the limits of wattage per square foot.

EarthLink Business

Earthlink is a long-standing residential brand that decided several years ago to expand into the business market by acquiring Deltacom, NewEdge Networks, One Communications, STS Communications, and a number of managed service providers. They offer a variety of IP-based services as well as some legacy services from their acquisitions.

WOW! formerly Knology

WOW! is a growing carrier that has expanded into several states to offer cable, TV, high-speed internet, and local and long-distance phone service to locations in the Southeast and Midwest.  

Fibernet Direct

Fibernet Direct grew out of the fiber laid by Florida Power & Light for their internal network. Now a wholly owned subsidiary of Crown Castle, they offer Ethernet services, dedicated internet access, wavelengths, direct cloud connections, private & fiber networks, DDoS defense services, managed services and colocation. They provide these services in Florida and Texas, and offer long-haul connectivity to Arkansas, Georgia, Louisiana, and Oklahoma.


Granite is a service aggregation company that is the leading service provider for multi-location companies. They allow companies to combine voice and data services on one bill, with a very solid customer portal backing it up. Historically focused on POTS line aggregation, Granite now also offers broadband and structured cabling solutions as well. Their customers include the likes of Wal-Mart.


Intercall is a subsidiary of West IP that focuses on conferencing and collaboration services, from reservationless conferencing to huge operator-assisted broadcast calls to web-based collaboration. They are one of the largest conferencing and collaboration providers around.


Level3 is a tier 1 internet provider with a global network. They offer a variety of voice and data services, along with managed services and content delivery solutions. Level3 acquired Global Crossing, which greatly expanded their international reach. They've historically been called the carrier's carrier due to their network being used heavily by other carriers.


Lightpath, previously Optimum Lightpath, is Cablevision's fiber division. Covering the tri-state area, Lightpath offers high-bandwidth Metro E products at exceptional prices.


Masergy is a data company focused on next-generation Ethernet networks. Their advantage lies in the sophistication of their management platform, which allows customers to change their circuits' provisioning details on the fly. Quality of service settings and bandwidth can be changed in real time via a simple but powerful customer web portal. As a result, many clients look to them for performance-sensitive services such as voice and video transport.


Netwolves is a service aggregator focusing on data and managed services. They have agreements with hundreds of local broadband, satellite, fixed wireless, and 3G/4G providers and leverage proprietary technology to build secure private networks over diverse connectivity, all on one bill.


Nitel calls themselves a "telecom managed service provider," which speaks to their movement toward services such as managed security, monitoring, and application hosting. Historically, Nitel's value came from their flat-rate loop agreement with AT&T, which allowed them to service very competitively locations outside of major metro areas. That's still the case, but they've expanded their offering to include a variety of other services.

Peak 10

Peak 10 is a SSAE 16 certified hosting and cloud services company with collocation centers in ten metro areas throughout the southeast. They also offer a suite of cloud and managed services, from managed storage and backup to hosted applications. Best of all, their rates are reasonable enough for mid-sized companies not to choke.

PowerNet Global

PNG is a communciations provider that focuses heavily on long distance voice, but also provides data and SIP services. Most of their services are resold, but their rates tend to be extremely competitive.

Stratus Networks

Stratus Networks, previously Access2Go, is a provider whose specialty is providing agents a buy rate which they can then mark up. Their services are all resold, and while data is their primary focus they also provide LD, hosted VOIP, SIP trunking, and conference calling as well.


TelX is a colocation and interconnectivity provider with over a dozen facilities across the country and strategic interconnection agreements that provide access to an ecosystem of over a thousand telecommunications carries, ISPs, content providers, and businesses.

Time Warner Cable

Time Warner Cable is the second-largest cable provider in the US, with operations in 28 states. One of the cable industry's first entrants to the indirect channel, Time Warner Cable enjoys a very mature channel program that provides access to their business voice, data, and fiber products.

tw telecom

tw telecom is one of the largest Ethernet providers in the country, with a strategy based heavily on delivering their own fiber to commercial buildings. As a result, they have a substantial fiber network and are able to provide sophisticated voice and data services at very competitive pricing to on-net locations. Previously a division of Time Warner Communications, tw telecom is now independent.

West IP

West IP is a subsidiary of West Corporation, a behemoth technology-driven communications provider, providing high-end hosted VOIP solutions. Previously Smoothstone, West IP offers unified communications services over a managed MPLS network.


Windstream is one of the largest CLECs in the nation, the combination of Nuvox, Paetec, and the legacy Windstream ILEC. Besides standard CLEC services, Windstream has a growing network of collocation facilities and a sophisticated suite of cloud services.

XO Communications

XO is another large CLEC with a nationwide reach, serving 85 major metro areas. XO has a comprehensive portfolio of voice and data services, and also has a very robust hosted IVR platform known as XO Interactive.

GreenCloud Technologies

GreenCloud provides small and medium-sized businesses with world-class cloud solutions at a fraction of the cost. Backed by state-of-the-art data center facilities and industry-leading platforms such as BroadSoft, VMware, NetApp, and Cisco, Green Cloud delivers managed IT and telecom services that include unified communications, virtual server, disaster recovery and business continuity solutions


Zayo Group is a global provider of bandwidth infrastructure services, including dark fiber, wavelengths, SONET, Ethernet, IP services, and carrier-neutral colocation and interconnection. Their network footprint extends over 75,950 route miles, with connectivity on dense metro and intercity fiber assets.

Entelegent Solutions

EnTelegent provides network services, expense and activity management for business customers with multi-location, multi-vendor environments. They have some cool specialties in that they bundle TEM and management with their services via a powerful set of tools that provide a single point of administration and control for all telecom services, activities and invoices. EnTelegent offers a full suite of managed and hosted solutions and a complete line of voice, data and conferencing services


Digium®, Inc., the Asterisk® Company, created and is the innovative force behind Asterisk, the most widely used open source telephony software.  Digium's Unified Communications solution to power a broad family of products for small, medium and large businesses.  At Digium, we're changing the way businesses communicate.

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