Mobility Managed Services

Managing hundreds or thousands of mobile devices within your enterprise can be difficult, labor-intensive, and costly. Our MMS service allows you to delegate the end-to-end management and support of your mobile environment to experts that understand the importance of security, cost-containment, and end-user satisfaction.

You get happier users and more control, and our initial cost reduction strategies usually make the service nearly budget-neutral.

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Telecom Sourcing & Procurement

Especially with the ascendance of cloud services, it's more critical than ever that you have the right technologies and the right vendors powering your communications infrastructure. Our sourcing and procurement services provide a structured methodology to design requirements, qualify vendors, and acquire and deploy services.

The end result is better outcomes and lower costs, all while minimizing the burden on your internal resources.

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Communications Infrastructure Auditing

Gartner says up to 80% of business telecom bills have some sort of error that goes undetected. Add to that potentially high costs related to outdated rates or inefficient service design and it's clear why so many large companies commission infrastructure audits.

Our process takes a deep dive not only into bills and contracts, but also technical design, delivering on average a 20% savings — sometimes much more.

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